How much does it cost to dress in the style of characters from the movie “A Boy’s Words” – and how to do it fashionably? Stylist Nekipelaya advised men to wear striped suits 12.20.2023, 15:19

Zhora Kryzhovnikov’s series “The Child’s Promise. Blood on the Asphalt has become this year’s most popular movie and is now even setting fashion trends in clothing and accessories. An Olympic jersey “like Marat’s”, a hat with a visor “like Coat’s”, a jacket like “Vova-Adidas” – all this can be purchased on resale platforms today. True, you will have to pay some money: some especially enterprising “vintage” keepers are not shy and offer valuable sweatshirts and hats at exorbitant prices.

As Avito’s press service told Goods”, after the release of the first series of the project, an increase in the sale of items of the late USSR period was noticed on the site.

“There are currently over 3.5 thousand postings on the site mentioning “The Boy’s Words.” Since the premiere, sales of hats in the style of the series have increased by 30 times, of T-shirts – by 11 times, and of sweaters – by 2.6 times. A title can be purchased on Avito for an average of 1.7 thousand rubles. The average cost of a T-shirt is 1.8 thousand rubles, and the cost of a sweater is 2.35 thousand rubles,” the company’s press release said.

The site’s analysts note that the biggest chunk of sales from “The Boy’s Word” came from 80s-style hats (44% of all products). T-shirts come in second place with 29%, and tracksuits come in third place with 15.5%.

How much will an original image in the style of “The Boy’s Words” cost? A tracksuit with a sweatshirt, just like Marat’s, can be bought for 6 thousand rubles.

For 1.5 thousand rubles you can buy a separate sweatshirt – of a different color, but in close to ideal condition, according to the seller.

Prices for vintage woolen sweaters vary greatly: you can find options for 1.5 thousand rubles, 3 thousand and even 53 thousand rubles.

The cheapest jacket made in the USSR will cost only 1 thousand rubles.

A new jacket “like Marat’s” can be bought for 20 thousand rubles, and the “vintage” version for 160 thousand.

Oddly enough, leather jackets (similar to the aviators worn by the characters in A Boy’s Word) sell for much less. The cost of a similar product made of genuine leather is only 1.7 thousand rubles.

The selection of accessories is really rich. For example, in the first part there are knitted caps with the inscription USA California, which Marat and Coat steal from a second-hand store (from 1 thousand rubles to 1.5 thousand).

A black and white rooster hat with the inscription “Sports” made in the USSR will cost only 450 rubles.

And for the woolen hat of the company Montana, iconic in Soviet times, they are already asking 4.5 thousand rubles.

They want the same amount for a brimmed woolen hat; The same hat Coat wears.

You can buy a fur rabbit hat “like Koshchei’s” for only 1.5 thousand rubles.

The finishing touch is the warm plaid mohair scarf. The average price of such scarves in good condition varies from 1.5 thousand rubles to 3 thousand.

According to stylist and image maker Alina Nekipela, it is possible to recreate “The Boy’s Word” style in a modern way. For men, he recommends finding the right tracksuits for work and pairing them with a zippered sweater: “Tracksuits can be taken as a hoodie from a normal suit and paired with a sweater. Chunky boots and a bomber jacket will complement this look perfectly. “Or you can buy a striped one-piece suit, there are many of them in brands in different price segments.”

If you want to create a more casual look, use knitwear as a base; It can be a turtleneck or a regular crew neck sweater. You can wear the same knitted trousers or classic jeans underneath. It is worth getting creative with outerwear: a sheepskin coat or leather jacket, a straight-cut jacket or a loose down jacket will look equally beautiful with the “boyish” style. There are no restrictions on shoes either: these can be hard leather boots, sneakers, trendy UGG boots and even felt boots.

“You can complete the look with a voluminous soft scarf, plain or checkered. Depending on its color, the scarf can be combined with a warm beanie, beanie or a pom-pom hat. For hipsters, I can recommend a sheepskin coat or a hat with earflaps along with the coat,” the stylist advised.

Nekipelaya suggested creating the image of the “boy’s girlfriend” by analogy. In his opinion, the simplest option is sweatpants or jeans and a zippered turtleneck sweater. It’s a little more difficult to combine a retro patterned blouse with black trousers, a pencil skirt or flared jeans. The “disco” option can be built on a “flying” dress in retro style or a knitted dress suitable for your figure.

“I can recommend a fur-collared coat as outerwear, and a floral patterned grandma scarf as a scarf. “The logical complement to the look would be accent makeup with colorful shadows, red lips and pink blush.”

What are you thinking?

Before the trendsetters and fashionistas had time to buy fur coats and hats in the style of “Slavic chic”, a completely opposite trend appeared based on the hit “The Boy’s Words”. The clothes worn by the main characters of the series suddenly became in demand not only among representatives of the 80s generation but also among young people. How to dress in the style of “Child’s Sayings” and how much it costs – in the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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