Psychologist explained how to deal with stress before New Year’s Eve 14:52

Mediator-psychologist Ekaterina Elgaeva told how to do everything necessary in the last month of the year and not get burned in the pre-New Year bustle

“According to various studies, 43% to 82% of Russian residents experience restlessness and anxiety on the eve of the holiday. “First of all, I propose to consider the situation from a rational point of view and structure the tasks,” the expert began.

He also noted that stress is primarily a physical experience. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, a hot bath will help you relax – anything that allows you to relieve bodily tensions.

“You need to sit down and write down everything that needs to be completed before the New Year: both work-related and personal. Write down deadlines for each task and consequences if it fails. This allows you to prioritize and perhaps even give up on something without too much loss. After all, we often rush to finish something before the New Year, not because it is vitally necessary, but because completing the task increases our perception of importance, “goodness” in ourselves, said Ekaterina Elgaeva.

According to him, a detailed case plan and their analysis will help change attitudes and reduce the number of deadlines.

“For example, the study report must be delivered on time. This directly affects other employees and maybe even bonuses. However, if you don’t have the energy or time, washing the windows can wait until the end of the New Year’s holiday. You should definitely go to your child’s kindergarten matinee because the baby is waiting for mom or dad. And if you do not cook jellied meat, there will definitely not be a disaster. “Understand what you can influence and what you cannot change, and try to plan the last weeks of December accordingly,” he said.

used to be a doctor saidHow to avoid stomach problems after a New Year’s feast.

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Source: Gazeta


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