A plastic surgeon identified the most popular areas for lipofilling 13:40

Most often, lipofilling is used for rejuvenation and correction of breasts, hips, buttocks and face. Plastic surgeon Vladimir Zlenko told socialbites.ca about this.

“During lipofilling, your own fat is injected into your chest, hips, hands, thighs and face to restore volume, achieve symmetrical natural shapes and also rejuvenate the skin,” the doctor said.

The doctor explained that lipofilling is a procedure that allows you to fill problem areas with your own fat through small holes in the skin to make your figure more symmetrical.

“Lipofilling should be done together with liposuction. First you need to remove excess oil. For example, take it from the hip or abdomen and then place it on the selected area,” said the doctor.

According to the doctor, the most preferred areas for lipofilling are breasts and hips.

“Your own fat is absolutely safe and 100% compatible with the human body, so there is no risk of complications as with the use of implants. It allows you to make your breasts look fuller and enlarge them by 1 size. If you want a larger volume, you can repeat the process after a while. But this operation does not allow you to change the shape,” explained the plastic surgeon.

As the plastic surgeon says, you can only achieve perfect hips through surgery.

“Lipofilling allows you to restore their symmetry and eliminate dimples. Unfortunately, this is the only way to achieve ideal, beautifully defined buttocks. Any kind of exercise is, of course, good for health, but it only affects the overall weight and muscle mass,” said Zlenko.

The surgeon added that lipofilling is also often used to restore hip volume.

“This operation is used to give the hips a feminine roundness,” said Zlenko.

According to Zlenko, lipofilling is also popular for increasing the volume of the cheekbones and correcting the volume and shape of the face.

The plastic surgeon said, “If there are deep nasolacrimal grooves and depressions under the eyes, you can fill the holes in the temple area or inject fat into the periorbital area.”

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