Victim of body shaming and target of the mafia: How the future queen of the Netherlands lives Princess Katharina-Amalia of the Netherlands turns 20 12/07/2023, 16:27

She is often called Princess Amalia

The full name of the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is Katarina-Amalia Beatrice Carmen Victoria. She was named after her paternal grandmother, Queen Beatrice, her maternal grandmother, Maria Del Carmen Cerutti Caricart, and her godmother, Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Princess Amalia’s mother is Argentinian

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is the daughter of Argentinian politician Jorge Zorreguieta, who served as the country’s Minister of Agriculture from 1979 to 1981. Maxima Zorreguieta met the future king of the Netherlands at a traditional spring fair in Seville. Then the Prince of Orange introduced himself to her simply as Alexander.

Princess Amalia studied in a regular school

Princess Amalia lived in her father’s house in Wassenaar, a suburb of The Hague, until she was nine years old. She studied there in a regular school where she rode her bike like other kids. However, in 2013, his grandmother Queen Beatrice abdicated and handed over the throne to Willem-Alexander. The family later moved to the royal palace of Huis ten Bosch on the outskirts of The Hague. At the same time, Amalia received the official title of Princess of Orange and began studying at an elite gymnasium.

He admitted in his biography that he went to a psychotherapist

In 2021, when Princess Amalia turned 18, her biography, written by journalist Claudia de Bray based on interviews with her heroine, was published in the Netherlands (by the way, similar biographies were published on the occasion of the 18th birthday of her grandmother Queen Beatrice and her father King Willem-Alexander).

In the book “Amalia”, the princess candidly described her school life, admitted that she worked at a beach bar one summer, talked about her passion for horseback riding and her plans for the future.

Additionally, Princess Amalia told her biographer that she regularly sees a psychotherapist: “I don’t think it’s taboo. And it’s okay to talk openly about it. Everyone talks about healthy eating and exercise. And this is very important. So how important is it to take care of your mental health? One cannot exist without others.”

Amalia was a victim of body shaming

One of the reasons the girl saw a psychotherapist was because she had been subjected to intense body shaming for several years. When discussing Amalia’s appearance online, users often call her “too fat” and advise her to “lose weight fast.” At the same time, the princess admitted that a truly traumatic experience for her was an incident that occurred during her school years, when a close friend criticized the heir to the throne for being “overweight.”

“I felt very uncomfortable in my body. “I cried for a long time that day, until the night,” he shared.

Fortunately, Amalia has many loyal fans on social networks who remind her that listening to the cruel words of ill-wishers is the last thing.

When the princess was 18 years old, she refused to receive funds from the budget.

Princess Amalia announced that she will not accept the 1.6 million Euro allowance she is entitled to on her 18th birthday in 2021. Although the money still arrived in her account, the girl promised to return the money to the treasury.

“I find this objectionable because I have nothing yet to offer in return and other students are in a much more difficult situation, especially in these times of coronavirus,” said the Princess of Orange.

He entered the University of Amsterdam last year

In September 2022, images were published in the media of a smiling Princess Amalia entering the building of the University of Amsterdam, where she was enrolled in undergraduate studies in political science, psychology, law and economics. It was noted that the heir to the throne will focus on his studies and plans to attend royal events only when he does not have classes. The Royal Palace also announced that a dormitory room was rented for the princess at that time.

He had to leave the hostel due to the threat of kidnapping

A month after starting her studies, the Princess of Orange was forced to leave the hostel and return from Amsterdam to the Hague, her royal residence. His student life ended before it even began with a kidnap threat said to be the work of an organized crime group. The princess’s mother, Queen Maxima, admitted during her three-day visit to Sweden in October 2022 that “she did not have the same student life as others.”

However, Princess Amalia did not abandon her education, but has to acquire knowledge from afar.

He admits that he misses a normal life.

During a trip to the Dutch territory this year, Princess Amalia admitted that she was still having a hard time leaving university. “I miss normal life, student life. So you can walk the streets and walk into a store,” she complained.

The princess began taking part in royal duties after her 18th birthday.

The future Queen of the Netherlands has been attending various official events of the royal family since the age of 18. This year, he and his family managed to visit London for a dinner on the eve of the coronation of Charles III, go on a two-week tour of the overseas territories of the Netherlands – the islands of Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire. , Saba and Sint Eustatius are also attending the opening of the parliament. Additionally, the princess has been a member of the Dutch State Council since the age of 18 and now attends its meetings.

On December 7, Princess Catharina-Amalia of Orange, heir to the Dutch royal throne, turned 20. tells how the future queen lived.

Source: Gazeta


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