The program of ‘Pasapalabra’ on Antena 3 will be revealed as of this date

‘Pasapalabra’ has had an amazing week filled with excitement to see which of the two contestants will take home the new ‘Pasapalabra’ pot. But this is not the only aspect of the program that they pay attention to and are interested in.

There are things on television that seem like they can never change. For example, Some programs that appear a lifetime in their lane or some of the most recognized faces of the industry in Spain. But moves like the retirement of Pedro Piqueras or the transfer of Ana Rosa Quintana to afternoons seem to remind us that nothing lasts forever.

‘Pasapalabra’ is the most successful competition on Spanish television: not only because of its content. The ability to bring millions of people together Around the television every afternoon, also due to his long stay on the small screen over the years.

‘Pasapalabra’ has nothing On air continuously for more than twenty-three years. Although it is true that he changed channels twice (started on Antena 3, went to Telecinco and returned to Antena 3), there is no one else To show managed to get them off the television network.

One of the indisputable reasons for the success of ‘Pasapalabra’ is its presenter: Seville native Roberto Leal, who is applauded by all the followers of the program in the Peninsula. Another factor is The guest list contributes positively to the impact of the program which is relied upon every week: and the teams of contestants are made up of famous people who will be promoting a movie, book or have a good media presence.

But surely what He contributes greatly to the success of ‘Pasapalabra’‘ is the area it occupies in the grid: just before what is known as busy time The time the contest airs is a key element of its success as it is one of the times when most people and families tune in to television.

Time change in ‘Pasapalabra’

one time ‘Pasapalabra’ program Last March, Antena 3 was preparing to broadcast the final between Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbero. To capitalize on the thousands of millions of people who will tune in to see the historic moment when over two million euros will be distributed, Atresmedia decided to extend the broadcast as long as possible to capitalize on the momentum.

On this occasion, instead of airing the finale at 8 p.m. It was decided to postpone it until 22.45 after ‘El Hormiguero’, as every day. Antena 3 did not waste the eight o’clock slot and decided to broadcast a special program where the audience could get to know the two actors who are about to make history a little better.

Finally the historical boat of ‘Pasapalabra’ It reached 37.4% of viewers and 4,578,000 million total. Number of viewers according to data from consulting firm GECA, based on data from Kantar Media.

They are now confirming the schedule of ‘Pasapalabra’

Any changes to ‘Pasapalabra’ programming important event For followers who are already used to planning their daily lives with this small gap in the agenda. The show hosted by Roberto Leal is not just a program, but an opportunity to bring family members together around a fun competition every day.

In a video from ‘Pasapalabra”s official X account An image was released confirming the program’s ongoing schedule.

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