Bookie: Sheldon Cooper doesn’t live here anymore

Knocking on the door is no longer a sign Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) calling. Now your bookmaker may come to claim what you owe them. Creator of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre, is back with a new series HBO Maximum. bettor (Translated in Spain as: Bet) takes us to an environment that is far from what we are used to in other productions of the television creator, and transports us to the underground world. angels in a format that reminds us more of the Kominsky Method netflix more than any other sitcom he has produced for free television in the past.

The hero is Danny (Sebastián Maniscalco) an old-school bookmaker, he writes in his notebook Entire pools of customers, among whom we can find everything from shady gangsters to movie stars to losers with gambling problems. He is accompanied by Ray (Omer Dorsey) is a former professional athlete who has multiple ex-wives for whom he has to pay alimony. protection. Together they walk the streets of Los Angeles trying to demand the money they owe their clients, while their clients try to dodge or pass them by. This is a professionally complicated moment because sports betting business is about to become legal and the tap will be turned off for them. Their unwillingness to blackmail and loosen their pockets by using mafia-specific techniques can make it difficult for them to collect anything. They put some faith in the word commitment and things like that. But this isn’t Ray Donovan, and things often don’t go as they think. Plans don’t always go well and Murphy’s law with them this certainly seems to be fulfilled.

In the secondary section there is Tarantinian Vanessa Ferlitoas Danny’s sister and ex-girlfriend on Lost Jorge GarciaComplete the delivery like a Spanish Uber driver dealing with marijuana. They both decided to join forces, turning their backs on their brother, to earn more income. sell drugsin a plot that will develop throughout the first season.

One of the most popular cameos in this new series was: Charlie Sheen interprets itself. The actor is not in one of the brightest moments of his career, which seems to have hit rock bottom following his dismissal in season eight. Two and half men due to his erratic personal behavior, which affected the production of the series. He was the protagonist and yet he took his place Ashton Kutcher which kept it on the air for four more seasons. Conditions that make us think that it will not be easy to see the names of Lorre and Sheen in the same production again. But there he is, playing himself in the first episode and not brushing aside the circumstances that led to his earlier dismissal. So some are already commenting that we may be facing a compromise.

a comedy many more urban and street environments trying to direct

Last premiere on Netflix young sheldonThe Big Bang Theory prequel, which tells the story of Sheldon Cooper’s childhood, gave the television series an unexpected second life, and the series quickly rocketed to the top of the most-watched list on the platform. Among this audience, there are also viewers who had not seen the movie at that time and took advantage of this situation to join the bandwagon. streaming he wears it on a silver platter. This was also helped by the announcement that the series’ final season will air next year, making it a good time to watch the series from start to finish.

Meanwhile Stimulant It is trying to renew itself after a comprehensive cleaning and has already put its machinery into operation to produce new titles for television programs in the new period that started after the merger. discovery. It seems like they want to be on the safe side and lay the groundwork for the new Lorre series, as if they have chosen the lead character of the new Lorre series. Harry Pottermovie monsters gallery Warren is fine and a new surprise… surprise! Big Bang Theory. Telecomedy remains a guarantee of sweet moments with the audience, and we already have a new project on the table, about which little is known yet. new playersoh how i wish an hour long. Lorre wants to keep trying new formats and it looks like he has a lot more to tell us on television.

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