RTVE changed its program to honor Concha Velasco after her death

RTVE It is changing its program to commemorate Concha Velasco, who passed away this Saturday in Madrid, with a special program that will commemorate the life and career of the artist, who is closely affiliated with Spanish Television and is one of the most popular artists of our country after 70 years. Legendary names in her career, great works in theater and television. leaving name.

La 1’s social history program ‘Heart’, The film, hosted by Anne Igartiburu, will broadcast a special program to honor the actress today from 14.00 to 15.00.

Also in the afternoon La 1 will offer a special delivery: ‘Neighborhood cinema’A program offered by Concha Velasco for ten years (2011-2020). This special presentation will be given by: Ines Balester and will release two films starring the actress, ‘Skirt Trial’ and ‘Red Cross Girls’It will feature guests like ‘. Benjamin Prado, Rosa Villacastin And Juan Luis Iborra.

And tonight, after the Weekly Report, special ‘‘Blood ties’ We are live from the Prado del Rey with guests closely connected to Concha Velasco. The show where he appeared for the last time on a television set in September 2021, just a day after retiring from the stage, was precisely the show ‘Blood Ties’. Concha Velasco was live on set with her son Manuel Velasco and friends.

Tonight’s special episode will save the documentary ‘Blood ties’ Where the actor faced the most difficult and unknown periods of his life. Ana Belen, José Sacristan, Andreu Buenafuente, Silvia Aprilniece Manuela Velasco, Félix Gómez, Cristina Castaños or director Fernando Navarrete… are some of the people who discover the most human side of the eternal ‘yes girl’ in this documentary.

La 1 after the special, ‘Essentials Concha Velasco: Living memory’ It can also be seen tomorrow, Sunday, at 21.30 on La 2. A self-produced documentary in which Concha remembers accompanying the audience through the history of theatre, cinema, musicals and television in Spain.

Without giving up on the controversies, disappointments or economic devastation of producing music shows, this documentary examines from his beginnings to the greatest successes of his career and, along with some friends, he ponders whether it’s worth it. He was also in Barcelona to record his open conversation with his friend and actor. José María Poor. A study that also includes other testimonies close to Concha Velasco, e.g. José Carlos Plaza, Josefina Molina, Pedro Olea, Fernando Navarrete And José Sacristan.

RTVE Play presents a collection of Concha Velasco

The RTVE Play platform already offers a collection of his best works on television: ‘Concha Velasco, living memory’A review of the popular artist’s series, life and career, with the best content and interviews on TVE.

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