Stylist Lisovets called for abandoning a dress model at a corporate party 20:22

Stylist Vladislav Lisovets called for the abandonment of a dress model at a corporate party before the New Year. He told this to the radio station. “Moscow speaks”.

The expert said that short and tight models are acceptable, but not in all cases.

“If a person has beautiful legs, why not buy mini? Only then you need to pay attention to your behavior. I don’t think it should be anything too strict, just because it’s a holiday you should have fun. Accordingly, clothes should be comfortable. It should be beautiful and comfortable,” said the stylist.

She also called for an end to floor-length dresses and also emphasized that one should not have “hard” hairstyles.

“If you decide to wear a floor-length dress and understand that you will not be dancing, this option is also possible. Accordingly, you should not do harsh hairstyles, because all this takes us back to the distant past – a woman looks adult. Accordingly, any outfit: it can even be a summer dress, a bright dress, even a mini dress – here the person himself decides. This is individuality, we broadcast ourselves with the help of clothes,” concluded the expert.

Vladislav Lisovets at the end of November listed The most trendy hair styles in winter. He advised you to treat your hair with more lightness and care. Among the trendy haircuts, she highlighted shaggy, mullet, torn cascade and bob.

Previously stylist Sergei Zverev to come in a blue fur coat and a giant hat with ear flaps at the opening of the ice rink.

Source: Gazeta


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