New Jacquemus bags frozen in the freezer 17:29

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus announced the brand’s new 2023 collection. The pictures were posted on Instagram (the owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

Jacquemus brand presented the bags in metallic color. A model from the brand’s collection was announced on each freezer shelf. In the video, all the products were shaking from the cold.

The Jacquemus brand regularly organizes unusual advertising campaigns with the participation of stars. Summer Jacquemus opened Your first beach in Saint-Tropez. On its territory there are striped yellow sun loungers, umbrellas and decorative surfboards. The boutique offers clothes and accessories from the brand’s new collection.

at the end of june passed show of the new Jacquemus collection. Model Gigi Hadid presented an image in a “nude” mini dress and a snow-white top. The Jacquemus brand show took place in Versailles. The main theme of the collection was balletcore and Marie Antoinette clothing. Models wore numerous versions of “nude” lace dresses, as well as tops, tutu skirts, and lacy knee socks.

On the catwalk, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus also showed off clothes inspired by Princess Diana. Thus, the new collection includes a sapphire pearl necklace and a black polka dot dress-like look.

Previously Gigi Hadid starry In the bathroom in the middle of the forest.

Source: Gazeta


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