Russians were told about the most dangerous plants in the country

Many plants that are common in different regions of Russia and growing, including on domestic plots, are dangerous to humans and animals. i talked about it

In an interview with the publication, Dmitry Khomyakov, Professor of the Department of General Agriculture and Agroecology at the Faculty of Soil Science at Moscow State University, described hogweed as one of the most dangerous plants.

“It gives a huge biomass and has almost no competitors in the environment. It spreads very quickly and actually becomes dominant in agrocenoses and natural cenoses, displacing other plants,” explained the expert.

Besides parsnips, gouty grass, four-leaf raven eye, larkspur, aconite, castor bean, deadly wolfberry, and Lobel hellebore are dangerous.

The professor especially drew attention to the effect of dreams on human health.

“If this effect on a person is a headache, this is loss of coordination, visual impairment, and in general, the consequences for health can be the most serious if poisoning measures are not taken in a timely manner,” Khomyakov said. Said.

old russians warned About plants that cannot be grown in the country.

Source: Gazeta


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