How to clean makeup brushes with trendy soap

Choose the right ones both when applying make-up and taking care of your skin. cosmetics and make-up are indispensable. It becomes very important that they adapt to your skin type and have the ideal ingredients. But also to have a clean skin free of impurities and that the items you use to make up are in top condition. have makeup brushes Cleaning is very important so that you can apply the products correctly and not harm your skin.

There are many specialty products on the market. clean brushes However, if you are looking for a homemade trick with natural ingredients, you can choose Beltrán soap.

We’ve talked to you about this many times. soap It has become fashionable for its multiple uses. To clean the floor, the hood, the toughest stains on clothes… This neutral soap made with natural products is inexhaustible.

How to clean makeup brushes

to remove all make-up and impurities with Beltran soap We found a trick on TikTok. He teaches us how to do it step by step in his @rakidag account. You will only need to take some soap with a pallet and place it, for example, in one of the corners of your sink. Take the brush, wet it and rub it over the Beltrán soap. You will see how it starts to dissolve and the dirt starts to come out. Now you just need to rinse with plenty of water and put the brush upside down to dry. You will like the results.

Another way to clean them Beltran soap so, if you were able to prepare it in liquid form as we show here, put some of the mixture in a bowl (better if it’s rough inside) and scrub your brushes. In the same way, you will see how all the make-up comes off.

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