Queen The plane Elizabeth was on toured over London due to bad weather.

Queen The private jet carrying Elizabeth could not land in London immediately due to bad weather conditions. By daily mailHe circled for 15 minutes before landing.

The plane was attempting to land at RAF Northolt, northwest of London. The first time the pilot failed to land the 13-seater plane – it circled above the airport until the storm had subsided with the hail. The plane landed after dark.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that His Majesty’s flight time has increased due to the storm, and there is no longer any fear for the life of the monarch.

The Queen was returning from the Scottish castle of Balmoral, where she had come for five nights on the eve of the Platinum Jubilee. To mark his 70th year on the throne, he returned to the capital as the main celebrations will take place from June 2-5.

From the airport II. Elizabeth went to Windsor Castle. She was driven by a personal driver. The Queen was in the front seat, and her Corgi was in the car.

Formerly socialbites.ca knowledgeableMcDonald’s, II. He’s going to release a porcelain service for Elizabeth’s anniversary.

Source: Gazeta


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