Anastasia Volochkova may face prison time for desecrating symbols of military victory 14:33

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova could face up to three years in prison for desecrating symbols of Russia’s military glory; ballerina subscribers contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to launch an investigation. This was reported on the Telegram channel Shot.

After Volochkova published a photo of a Soviet La-5 fighter plane cut in half, her subscribers filed a complaint with the police about the ballerina. It is stated that this aircraft was used in the most difficult years during the Great Patriotic War.

The photo was taken at the Mosfilm Museum in Moscow. In response, some of Volochkova’s fans demanded an apology from her for disrespecting the memory of the pilots.

There has been no response from law enforcement regarding the incident yet.

Before that Volochkova statedthat her boyfriend gave her a ring worth 5 million rubles. Volochkova also hinted at a new relationship. She said her partner wasn’t jealous of the gifts she received from suitors.

Previously, life safety was a priority in schools in the Russian Federation. I will start working Defense of the Motherland.

Source: Gazeta


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