Stylists determined the main trend of Paris Fashion Week 19:07

The main trend of Paris Fashion Week is very large bags, stylist and TV presenter Vladislav Lisovets and stylist Olga Kim, founder of the clothing selection and distribution service, told Lisovets believes that with this bag you can combine a second bag in your look – uncomfortable, but beautiful.

“The big, comfortable, marketable and bulky bag has now reached even the most outdated homes. However, there is a second point: Next to this bag, there may be the smallest, most inappropriate, beautiful bag that creates an air of femininity. That is why today two bags (large and small) in one look are not considered a mistake,” said the stylist.

Stylist Kim agrees; There were lots of big bags at the shows in Paris.

“These are shopping bags, shapeless tote bags, golf bags. And it’s nice because it’s practical,” Kim said.

Lisovets also notes a trend towards practicality: fashion houses display “wearable clothes”.

“There’s an even more open body and a lot of simple things. In the past, fashion was trying to surprise, now it is trying to make a large number of people comfortable. The style of the 2000s is still mainly traceable; A large number of feminine, revealing clothes appeared. Just a little big. Eclecticism can be seen when we draw completely different things from different styles and different periods in one image. Lisovets noted that rhinestones and sparkles are back in fashion.

According to the stylist, stylish shoes with pointed or square toes will be popular next season. But it is better to leave sneakers and thick boots at home.

“No sneakers, just dressy shoes. Heel depending on how comfortable you feel. It can be very small, medium or very long. Boots, shoes, boots, everything that has been out of fashion for the last 10 years is now back again. Some bulky shoes that should be worn with wide trousers or even miniskirts at most. Lisovets emphasized that basically all the shoes are super elegant.

Kim noted that white color will be valid in the spring-summer months of 2024 and that this is not typical for this season. The trend for silver accessories and clothing products, leather products, short skirts and shorts, and low-waisted dresses will continue.

“You can even call it micro skirt and micro shorts. It is clear that this trend is not suitable for everyone. Various tops and dresses with draperies remain relevant. There were demonstrations where the drapes fit the body just like ancient statues. Another trend that is gaining momentum is low waist. If there has been a low waist trend in trousers and jeans in the last few years, now low waist dresses are also included in fashion shows. Slightly lower than normal. This causes a slight downward shift in the rates. Among decorative elements, fringe is very popular,” concluded Kim.

Paris hosts the latest fashion week, one of the four most important weeks in the world, from September 25 to October 3. She always closes the season and is considered the most authoritative person in the fashion industry.

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Source: Gazeta


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