More changes: ‘Deportes Cuatro’ has been reduced to a section in ‘Everyone’s mouth’

Mediaset’s changes to Cuatro’s morning remakes have brought with them the disappearance of a legendary venue. ‘Deportes Cuatro’, the chain’s flagship at its height, has been demoted to a mini-section in ‘Everybody’s mouth’.Magazine led by Diego Losada.

The group announced changes to its morning schedule last week. ‘cursed fringe’ of chain: ‘Ten on everyone’s lips’ increased its schedule to 13:15, and ‘Blood tension’ continued to air at 15:00, despite the fairly acceptable data it collected at noon. The fate of ‘Deportes Cuatro’, which was published simultaneously with this movement, was unknown.

On Monday, the issue was resolved: Manu Carreño, responsible for running the space, now appears in the Losada program, without his own set, just for a few minutes episode. It should be noted that in its final stage, ‘Deportes Cuatro: El VAR’ – now called – barely occupied 15 minutes of the Cuatro grid and was about 2% of the screen share of its audience.

nothing to do with the old days ‘Manolos’ (Manu Carreño and Manolo Lama) They have made the ‘Deportes Cuatro’ brand a reference point in sports news and one of Cuatro’s most watched programmes.

After the departure of the latter and different changes of presenters, the format was losing power. Despite the cancellation of ‘Noticias Cuatro’ in 2019, the program continued with its own set and tone.Something that finally disappeared as a result of the dance in the Cuatro program.

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