Victoria Bonya explained why she had plastic surgery on her face 15:40

telegram channel Yobajur Victoria published a screenshot from Boni’s closed paid channel, in which the model promised to publish photos of herself after plastic surgery.

At the time of publication, 133 people were subscribed to the blogger’s paid channel. There are no photos on the channel yet, but Boni has a post in which he explains how and why he decided to have surgery. According to the model, she had to convince the plastic surgeon to take her into surgery.

“Dr. I persuaded Kao to operate on me for a long time. Kao tried to dissuade me, saying I didn’t need surgery,” Bonya explained.

The blogger added that she did not come to the surgeon to radically change her appearance.

“I just wanted to prolong my beauty. Considering that I am now almost 44 years old and had such surgery at the age of 50, this is the same as trying to give a fresh look to a wilted apple.

Victoria Bonya also Dr. She also quoted Kao’s words when he finally agreed to perform the surgery on her.

The blogger summarized her post as follows: “Making a beautiful woman even more beautiful is a difficult task.”

27 August Bonya reportedThat she underwent plastic surgery for 19 million rubles – blepharoplasty (surgery to change the shape of the eyelids or the shape of the eyes. – The star also said that she accidentally enlarged her lips with oil without warning her.

Previously Victoria Bonya boast a new sports car.

Source: Gazeta


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