a (bad) way

the day he died Barbara Allende Gil de Biedma Ouka Leele, While the private channels were content to report the death for a few seconds in their news, only La 2 could have compensated this loss in another way. As it is? Extracted a section from his file culture crafts It premiered in October 2010 and aired at eight pm on Wednesday, thus eliminating the only premiere program the channel had planned for that afternoon among its many filler documentaries: the episode dedicated to photographer Chema Conesa in the Behind the Moment series.

The longer this series lasts, the better. Let’s not forget that, like other time slot titles, these shows have no substitutes for the summer, so we’ll have to wait for their comeback until San Sebastian Film Festival week, and in the meantime, put up with replays and more replays of documentaries that have been seen a thousand times.

Back to Ouka Leele, you should see how the years stand out in this movie, recorded in 2010 when High Definition was still a long way off.

If La 2 had opened the window it should have been, on a Wednesday as mentioned, and on the live program it didn’t have like El ojo critical, it would have invited some acquaintances and scholars of Ouka Leele’s work to recall. IT. Or when the new president of the Film Academy is elected next weekend, there will be someone at La 2 who can calmly comment on the proposal. The most shocking thing is that that daily program is live on TVE Catalunya. This is called Viewpoints. No one understands this.

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