Monegal’s critique: There are ghosts in Extremadura Parliament

Iker Jiménez (‘Fourth millennium BC’, Four) has concluded a lengthy investigation that took years, apparently about some paranormal events that have been occurring in Mérida, inside the Extremadura Assembly building. to say, the Parliament of Extremadura. “All reputable people agree that there are some really great things in this building. This is a life. There are appearances”, The crew member of the mysterious ship warned us, he was taken aback.

effectively. After moving there at night, teams equipped with tools to capture psychophonies and mysterious and disturbing energy shots eventually discovered that there were ghosts, spirits, lurking around the most important political enclave of the Extremaduran community. Analyzing the subject in depth, Iker and its experts concluded that the origin of these wandering ghosts may be due to the fact that the current Parliament of Mérida was built on the former San Juan de Dios Hospital, built in 1764 by the heroic and noble lady Doña. Catalina Olalla Ponce de Leonand that in successive renovations the beautiful chapel there was razed to the ground, certainly where Doña’s remains rest. Katherineand instead there are dull rooms where today’s politicians meet, clash and fight. Ah! It is not absurd to search for the temples of politics that have randomly replaced the virtuous buildings of the past. Now that the Andalusian elections are about to fall, Iker You should scroll down a little further and look at the Andalusian Parliament, which was built in Seville after the dismantling of the original building, the Hospital de las Cinco Llagas.

Perhaps the discrediting of politics is due to these invasions of real estate by a class that would become the epitome of a democratic meritocracy and often appears to be a pure plutocracy of civil servants. if you search Iker You’ll find it’s based on the Catalonian Parliament, an arsenal powder magazine. Philip VIn 1716, the Dutch engineer and captain general ordered its construction. Joris Prosper Verboom, to take control of Barcelona. It wouldn’t surprise me if Iker found ghosts too. As disturbing as Mérida’s. Or maybe more.

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