In The Wheel of Fortune, they are caught in Laura Moure’s trap: “They caught you. You have been deceiving Spain for years.”

Lucky Roulette has become one of the longest-running programs in the history of Spanish television. It’s not for nothing that it has been on the air for years. Although it has gone through various phases, what no one can deny is that it has been successful among the audience.

But today we came to talk Laura Moure, the young stewardess of Wheel of Fortune“selling vowels and giving away consonants” accompanying their work Jorge Fernandez. born in madrid May 11, 1985Moure has a life behind the competition that few people know about. He starred in series of the caliber of “Hospital Central” or “Al filo de la ley”. and “starred in films such as”Combustion“, accompanied by Álex González. She has also recently appeared in various Pasapalabra programs where she looks radiant.

A TikToker shared a viral video of Laura Moure in the middle of the show. Here you see that the presenter extracts the letters, but due to a moment of confusion, he forgets to translate one of them, and the panel appears to do this automatically. Tiktoker: “They caught you. You’ve been deceiving Spain for years. You don’t change anything, why are you there?” he is heard saying.

The program airs on Antena 3 and is based on the popular table game ‘La Roulette’. In the show, contestants spin a large wheel to determine how much money they can win. They then have to guess words hidden in a panel of letters with the help of clues and the ability to buy vowels. The aim is to accumulate as much money as possible and advance to the final where you will play for a big prize.

One of the highlights of the program is its host Jorge Fernández. He played an important role in the success of the series with his gentle sense of humor and easy-going style. His ability to maintain the pace of the show and create a good atmosphere between the contestants and the audience made him much loved by the audience.

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