An Australian gets 60k a month for sleeping with strangers in his bed 20:24

Monica Jeremiah, who lives in Australia, rented the mattress in her bed. writes about it New York post.

The girl invites strangers to spend the night in a double bed next to her. Jeremiah had an ex-girlfriend in bed before.

“A service called ‘hot side hustle’ is great for people who can sleep next to another person without any obligations,” the entrepreneur said.

For renting a bed, the girl receives about 60 thousand rubles per month. According to Jeremiah, bedtime service with a stranger can only be profitable if both parties clearly understand the terms.

The businesswoman is the founder of Diversity Models, an agency that offers models for the health, lifestyle and tourism industries in Australia. Jeremiah began renting out his bed as his business began to suffer at the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

“My thriving business collapsed overnight and my teaching career suddenly failed when education moved online,” the entrepreneur said.

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Source: Gazeta


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