Arturo Valls transforms into Spaniard Jimmy Fallon with ‘This is my jam’: ‘A show to watch’

Arturo Valls chooses Movistar Plus+ to be the Spaniard Jimmy Fallon. Presenter and producer presented this Friday ‘This is my jam: Spain’ is a Spanish adaptation of the format created by the New York comedianAt a press conference in the current issue of FesTVal de Vitoria-Gasteiz.

“It’s a show I’m going to watch. It’s a show, it’s all fun, the singers will face genres that don’t belong to them, it’s proof of that all kinds and chorophones, final test“, the comedian said at a press event organized by the Spanish platform.

Valls takes the lead as conductor and producer. ‘This Is My Jam Spain’A great entertainment show where two famous couples test their musical and vocal skills and knowledge by participating in music quizzes and games. The program has its own group Musical direction: Victor EliasYou can enjoy Spanish and international music.

“We’ve had a lot of discussion about how to fit this here. You’ll see a great format, a non-stop bumpy ride. Testing is in full swing. It would have taken a long time if it was on a free TV. José Miguel Contreras, co-founder of Lacoproductora and executive producer of the new space,” “It’s around 1 in the morning and everything is going wrong here,” he said.

Paco León, Nathy Peluso, Amaia Romero, Rigoberta Bandini, David Bisbal, Luis Zahera, Blanca Paloma, Amaia Salamanca, Asier Etxeandía, Lorena Castell, Jaime Lorente, Ana Guerra, Nia, Ruth Lorenzo, Silvia Abril, Edu Soto, Antonio Orozco, Bustamante, Carlos Areces, María Pelae, Chanel, Marta Sánchez, Carlos Rivera, Abraham Mateo, Dani Fernández, Pilar Rubio, Edurne, Joaquín Reyes, Antonio Carmona, Lucía Fernanda, María Rodríguez and Fran Perea will be some of the guests of the first season of the format. .

He is producing the original version of ‘That’s My Jam’. Universal Television Alternative Studio next to you Electric Hot DogProducer of Jimmy Fallon. The first season reached more than 250 million views on linear and digital platforms in the United States. ‘That’s My Jam Spain’ is the sixth international version of the format and has been adapted or is currently being adapted in places such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Mongolia.

‘This Is My Jam Spain’ Lacoproductora (PRISA Media) is a Movistar Plus+ production in collaboration with production company Pólvora Films and Universal Television Alternative Studios (UTAS), a division of Universal Studio Group.

Source: Informacion


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