‘El comensal’: Basque conflict told from the strictest candor

interpreters: Susana Abaitúa, Ginés García Millán, Adriana Ozores, David Luque, Fernando Oyágüez

Year: 2022

premiere: May 27, 2022


new movie by Angeles Gonzalez-SindeAdapted from a book of the same name written by Gabriela Ybarragrandson of journalist and politician Javier Ybarra was killed by ETA in 1977. In it, the protagonist made a connection with the memory of his family after the death of his mother due to cancer. Thus, the present and the past are derived from Iciar’s need (in the film, Susana Abaitua) tracing the legacy, loss and violence that have left their mark on his life, to understand his need to heal the wounds inflicted on him by his father.

‘Restaurant’ It’s a movie that interrupts twice. In her past, she focuses on some children waiting for the decision of the terrorist organization after their father was kidnapped. Today, we explore the weight of guilt and the necessity of freeing ourselves from this heavy burden. The director handles both areas with ease, always moving in the realm of emotions, what that means. loss and pain. As in the book, it is a sincere and sensitive personal memory in which politics directly affects the individual, grief and absence.

Source: Informacion


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