Baz Luhrmann vampires Elvis

‘ can be saidElvis‘ and describe the life of the king of rock’n’rollHowever, the main protagonist of Baz Luhrmann’s new film, which was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival this Thursday, is none other than Baz Luhrmann. Its 159-minute footage includes: countless scenes where the musician sings, dances and sweats -actor Austin Butler successfully captures her androgynous yet masculine charisma-but never becomes a real character; just an idea, treated as a wig concept. Luhrmann, on the other hand, seems to be using Presley. excuse to showcase your arsenal of stylistic attitudes.

It is true that Australia’s previous best films have also been full of visual trickery, but in ‘Romeo + Juliet’ (1996) and ‘Moulin Rouge’ (2001), the form remained integral to, complements or reconstructs the background. But ‘Elvis’ Like a Wikipedia article camouflaged with floripondios. Almost without changing his pace (Presley couldn’t understand him), he leaps forward, skipping through biographical milestones, only showing genuine curiosity about his main character during thrilling musical sequences.

In fact, the point of view of the film is Colonel Parker’s point of view, not the main character’s point of view – in reality he was neither a colonel nor his name was Parker – and he brutally exploited Presley for decades. Spending the maximum economic benefit and can be the real culprit of depression and addiction to pills. they turned the genie into a 42-year-old corpse; In other words, Parker monopolized Elvis’ career and now monopolizes the story of his life. It was embodied by Tom Hanks, who was disguised with a fake belly and nose and overreacted like there was no tomorrow. Considering this is one of the worst acting jobs of his career, it’s ironic that Hanks is taking the honors here tonight.

visual richness

Why did Presley stay with Parker all these years? ‘Elvis’ doesn’t ask. Likewise, he’s far less concerned with the cultural roots of his talent, say, the unruly strand of hair that falls on Butler’s forehead every time Elvis steps into the microphone. He doesn’t bother to include a single moment when the musician appears to be creating anything.Less than convincingly portraying him as someone who could revolutionize popular culture, he prefers to focus on overwhelming us with his visual richness and a soundtrack that combines blues, rock, country, and rap. No one doubts that Luhrmann is really interested in Presley or is trying to pay him the best possible tuition, but that doesn’t change anything. Finally, film draws on Elvis iconography without hesitation Similar to what Colonel Parker showed when it came to exploiting his talent.

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