Pavel Volya makes fun of “forever young” Leroy Kudryavtseva 11:51

Comedian Pavel Volya talked about his colleague TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva in the new episode of his show. Fragments from the movie “Show Will” released Sound.

The new episode of Show Volya was shot in Zaryadye Park. According to Pavel Volya, this place was chosen not by chance, but in honor of the 876th anniversary of Moscow.

“In honor of City Day, we decided to hold our graduation ceremony in the most beautiful place in Moscow. But Kirkorov did not let him into the dressing room, so we are in Zaryadye. Moscow turns 876 years old today! It’s getting old, folks, but it’s getting better. Only Moscow and Lera Kudryavtseva can do this, ”the humorist joked.

Lera Kudryavtseva in mid-August criticized Stylist Alexander Rogov, who included her in the personal top of the most tastelessly dressed Russian stars.

“Nyasha – Sasha. Everyone will learn how to dress. Stylists bitterly diverged from expert opinions [много]. He will teach us all how to do it. You are our Chanel, ”complained Kudryavtseva.

A few days later, Rogov publicly apologized In front of Kudryavtseva.

“Lera, my dear! Before I began to correspond, I wrote this in my heart. I was inflamed … True, I think it’s great that a star got into the review – it’s interesting for the audience. I’m sorry if I offended,” wrote the stylist.

Previously reportedThat Pavel Volya was filming an episode of Show Volya at Zaryadye Park.

Source: Gazeta


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