Enthusiast has imitated Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night in Minecraft

BEE Minecraft often creates original works, copies of famous places or locations from other games. Now YouTuber ChrisDaCow has reproduced Vincent van Gogh’s classic Starry Night in 3D.

It is noted that he spent several months at work and encountered some problems in the process. For example, he had to calculate the location of objects in the image.

Also, the blogger spent a lot of time reproducing the village, because the artist conceived it and did not copy it from nature. As a result, the blogger had to arrange the houses “by eye”, comparing their position and appearance with the photo itself.

Original painting (left) and 3D copyOriginal painting (left) and 3D copyOriginal painting (left) and 3D copy

Note that the author has not published a card with a photo, so it remains to evaluate his skill only through photo and video. 🐭 Sex between species is the main highlight of the new movie “Chip and Dale”

Source: VG Times


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