TV factory executives individually charged in ‘Operation Deluxe’

This ‘Deluxe Operation’ investigation continues on its way with important news. Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, directors of La Fábrica de la TV, were charged for an alleged crime disclosure of secrets and individually negotiated bribery. To date, the producer of ‘Sálvame’ is being investigated as a legal entity, but those responsible were not as published by ‘El Mundo’.

The head of Madrid’s 4th order court summoned Cornejo and Madrid to testify at the Plaza de Castilla courts on Monday, June 13, at 12:30. On the same day, the trial of Rosario Mohedano’s husband, Andrés Fernández, began for the same crime against La Fábrica de la TV, David Valldeperas and Raúl Prieto.

According to the aforementioned media, the judge demands it be Tax Administration All information declared by the manufacturer in 2017 and 2018 It’s about payments and withholdings to Gustavo González. The paparazzi’s salaries rose from 3,000 euros to 20,000 euros, and he is suspected of paying Ángel Jesús Fernández Hita, a police officer who allegedly leaked information to the programme.

Among the 17 people investigated are the collaborator’s partner María Lapiedra, editors such as Kike Calleja, or the police officer named. On the other hand, the judge exempt from testifying as a witness Bethlehem EstebanMaria PatinoRafa Mora, Kiko Matamoros, Gema López and Lydia Lozano.

It was known a few weeks ago list of celebrities to spy With the ‘save me’ aspect. Isabel Pantoja, José Ortega Cano, Aída Nizar, Belén Esteban, Omar Montes, Isa Pantoja, Rosa Benito, Toni Acosta, Maite Galdeano, Maestro Joao or Miguel Torres are some of them.

Source: Informacion


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