For intimate conversations: how to arrange a garden pavilion

The garden gazebo has a special place in our culture. Rotundas are often found in parks and real estate museums, and for good reason: a shady garden, an overgrown pond, a gazebo for solitary thoughts form the backdrop to the works of Russian writers and poets and always appear before one’s eyes. reads “Cliff” or “Dead Souls” in the country.

In Russian literature, the heroes are in gazebos, and in modern SNT, summer residents sit down to barbecue and discuss first-class problems: one way or another, the garden pavilion is, if not the most important, but still a pleasant part of it. garden view where you can sit with a book and have tea with neighbors, fight mosquitoes and serve vegetables and grilled meat.

To build a stylish gazebo with your own hands, you need everything, as when constructing any building – time, effort and basic building materials.

However, without the decor, it won’t be a cozy place for an afternoon game of charades – but it will remain a structure that could easily be mistaken for a tent with greenery and radish at a weekend market. Individuality will give him details.

“Of course everyone wants a comfortable and visually appealing place to read a book, meet friends or have a casual lunch in the fresh air,” says Ekaterina Naumova, designer of the Modi chain of stores. The garden pavilion needs to be properly decorated, she explains.

According to Naumova, an excellent solution for a gazebo would be pots with fresh flowers that can be hung in a corner or at the entrance. It is also worth paying attention to wicker baskets: small ones are suitable for cutlery, large ones are suitable for a player to store books, magazines or vinyl records, which will give the gazebo the retro chic it needs.

“The combination of organic and jute products is a win-win option when creating an aesthetic interior with Scandinavian motifs,” explains the designer.

To create a cozy atmosphere in the gazebo, textiles should be used – laconic curtains made of light flying materials will not only protect from the bright summer sun, but also visually make the gazebo more spacious. It is worth adding a few decorative pillows and linings for chairs – they will delight the eye and make outdoor recreation more comfortable.

“And for evening gatherings in the gazebo, one should not forget about the additional lighting, which will add new colors even to an ordinary dinner. Here the imagination is limitless: both minimalist pendant lamps and original garlands can be used to make the atmosphere truly magical,” says Naumova.

If properly decorated, a garden gazebo will become the most comfortable place in the country. It is not enough to just build a pavilion: you need to take care of the decor to make the rest of the garden really comfortable. Designer Ekaterina Naumova told how to design a garden gazebo in such a way that you don’t want to leave it.

Source: Gazeta


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