Tears, sickness, sanatorium: why does no one believe in the happy marriage of the Prince of Monaco?

Throughout its centuries-old history, the royal family of Monaco has been surrounded by intrigues and scandals that journalists have tried to investigate but often fail to reach consensus on. And now conflicting information is emerging in the media about whether Prince Albert II paid his wife, Princess Charlene of Monaco, for joint outings.

According to the French edition sounds, the head of the royal family, according to a secret agreement, transfers to Charlene € 12 million per year to attend social events and perform other duties of the monarch. This will supposedly allow to maintain a strong family image and give the Princess of Monaco financial independence.

However, the American edition Page Six denied these rumors. A source close to Charlene told the tabloid that the princess had “a generous marriage contract”, but not by much. “Charlene is very happy to be back with Albert and the kids after a long illness,” says an insider. They spend every weekend in their country house. Albert fully supports Charlene and helps her in charity work.”

According to the source, the couple plans to hold a series of events at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28 and 29, as part of the support of the Charlene Foundation. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco did not comment on this information.

Rumors of discord in the royal family had been circulating for a long time, but they started talking seriously about the couple’s divorce during Charlene’s illness. In May 2021, the Princess of Monaco went on a 10-day tour to her homeland in South Africa, where she was hospitalized for an infection. According to rumors, her departure was due to her husband’s accusations of treason. As Albert wrote SunHe insists that there are no problems in their relationship.

Due to a series of serious operations, Charlene had to stay in South Africa until the end of the year. She returned to Monaco in November 2021 and immediately left for a sanatorium.

Charlene and II. Albert’s children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, carried “Mommy we miss you” and “We love you mommy” banners in celebration of Monaco National Day on November 19, 2021. At this time, the media accused the royal family of not taking Charlene’s illness seriously.

Princess Charlene only returned to Monaco in March 2022, after four months in a Swiss clinic where she was treated for “emotional and physical exhaustion”. She posted her first family photo in a long time at Easter, and in early May she visited one of the stages of the Formula E World Championship ePri Monaco’s one-man electric car competition with her husband and children. .

The relationship between Prince Albert II and Charlene was not easy from the very beginning.

Before marrying a South African swimmer, the prince was called the “playboy prince” because of his numerous novels. The two gave birth to illegitimate children – from an Air France flight attendant and an American woman working as a real estate agent. The prince did not immediately recognize the children. By the way, last year a resident of Brazil also said that she is raising a 15-year-old daughter from him.

Charlene Albert II first met shortly after the 2000 Olympics, where she finished fifth in the 4x100m medley relay. It is believed that it was the love of sports that brought the couple together. Albert himself was part of the Monaco bobsleigh team at several Winter Olympics. The couple officially announced their relationship in 2006, four years later the prince proposed to Charlene.

On her wedding day in July 2011, photos of the crying princess leaving the ceremony were circulated in the press. french newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche She claimed that she tried to escape to South Africa three times before she got married, but that the police managed to persuade her. “Everything was so overwhelming and even all these mixed feelings, because of the rumors. Obviously, blood pressure was rising and I burst into tears. [сразу после церемонии]”, Charlene explained in an interview with The Times after the wedding.

According to the French historian Philippe Delorme in the journal Madame Figaro, Prince George II. Albert was looking for a wife who looked like his mother, Grace Kelly. However, Charlene was not ready for such a role. as he wrote TimesThe Prince of Monaco later admitted that he and his wife spent their honeymoon separately. By the way, and now the couple lives separately.

“Charlene must give birth to a legitimate heir. This is the main reason for such an unusual marriage,” an insider explained to the Paris news magazine VSD. “Once the succession of the dynasty is secured, each can be free again. Divorce is a tradition in the Grimaldi family. “

In December 2014, the princely couple had twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

In the 14th century, the Grimaldi family settled in Monaco, which they continue to rule to this day. Legend has it that one of its members, Prince Rainier I, kidnapped a Flemish girl in the 13th century and cursed her and her descendants.

In 2011, the wedding of Grace Kelly’s son, Prince Albert II, and professional South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock was called “the biggest party in 55 years” in Monaco. But the marriage is not considered happy: rumors are circulating in the press about the problems of the spouses. The couple’s last long separation, which lasted almost a year, has not been easy for either of them. While the Princess of Monaco was battling the infection, her husband was accused of indifference. About the life of the royal family of Monaco – in the material “socialbites.ca”.

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