Miki Nadal’s hairstyle change that surprised Roberto Leal in ‘Pasapalabra’

Miki Nadal jumped out from laSexta to appear as a guest on Antena 3 this week.Password. Collaborator, one of Orestes’ aides in pre-‘rosco’ tests this Thursday, was surprised Robert Sadik and the others on set with a hairstyle change: “Everyone who comes to ‘Pasapalabra’ needs very little of it, but we give ourselves a few taps and she changes her bangs.”

“Yes, but not on motivation or his own decision,” the comedian admitted, noting that he was the person responsible for the unexpected change in the girl’s appearance. make me a quiqui“.

A curiosity that made Roberto Leal laugh. “Really?” asked the host, in front of the guest, who did not hesitate to grant the little girl’s wish: “I have to wear a quiqui today. I can bear it today, it doesn’t look bad to me”.

Cristina Pedroche, also from the Orestes team, complimented her friend and partner from ‘Zapeando’: “You’re handsome, you’re cool Miki!” “I look like a big baby”Leal joked before continuing the program.

Source: Informacion


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