Florence bar boss calls police for price of coffee

A bar in Florence was fined €1000 after a patron complained about his espresso bill. This has been reported Guard.

The scandal arose when a guest at the Ditta Artigianale bar was asked for €2 for regular decaf espresso. The man was extremely enraged that this price was not indicated on the menu – he contacted law enforcement so that the bar owner was fined for this mistake.

Francesco Sanapo, owner of the Ditta Artigianale bar, wrote on social networks that €2 for a cup of espresso is a very reasonable price for coffee that has been processed and supplied to him from a small plantation in Mexico. before sitting at the guest’s table.

“I was fined for being offended by someone who had to pay €2 for decaf coffee. Can you believe that?” He is holding a police notice in a video posted on social media.

“Even today, some may be so enraged that they may turn to the police, who decide we are guilty because of the old laws,” said Francesco Sanapo.

Users have expressed their sympathy for him.

“If this client had gone to London, he would have had to contact the FBI,” joked one commenter.

Formerly socialbites.ca said Petersburg’s gastronomic appeal.

Source: Gazeta


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