Charles III’s wife will be deprived of state money 19:29

Charles’ wife, Queen Camilla, will not receive any funding from the British government. It has been reported Daily Mirror.

The National SAI decided that Camilla “will not receive a separate annual grant and that events with her participation will be supported by the Government Grant”. The reason for this decision is that the various financial grants from the government, where funds were spent on the Civil List and the needs of the royal family, have now been replaced by a State grant.

The state allowance was received by Camilla’s predecessor, Prince Philip. Elizabeth II’s spouse was entitled to an annual payment for official royal duties. She received an allowance of 359 thousand lira (42.5 million rubles).

The government grant, which will finance the events with Camilla, is based on a percentage of the profits of the royal estates.

Charles III was crowned king on 6 May 2023. Queen Camilla also received the crown jewels and the crown of Queen Mary, made on the occasion of the coronation of King George V and his wife, Mary of Teck, in 1911.

Formerly Queen Camilla it was noticed In a white dress in the royal box at Wimbledon.

Source: Gazeta


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