Three homemade tricks to clean white sneakers and leave them like new

1. For the most sensitive

This ideal number to evaluate if your shoe you are sensitive or just don’t want to take risks and use chemical products in them. It is also very simple to make. You need baking sodafor detergent linen and a toothbrush medium hard or soft.

Cleaning tips | How to clean white sneakers free

Take a container and pour it in a teaspoon of baking powder and a tablespoon of laundry detergent. mix well until there’s only one left homogeneous paste. Take some of the mixture with a toothbrush and rub with smoothness your slippers so dirt interest from fabric. Then let them air dry.

2. For those who are very dirty

This trick is very effectiveMoreover something abrasive for shoes. It is recommended to use only if the spots are deeply embedded. you will only need a toothbrush and coarse salt kitchen.

House cleaning tips: Tips for cleaning white sneakers and leaving them like new. INFORMATION

First, use the toothbrush to the fabric of the shoe like this buried dirt comes out or easier to remove later. finish it, cover with salt visible spots and wait at least an hour. Later on rinse the shoes with water cold water until no salt or residue remains dirtLet the shoes dry.

3. For emergency

If you do not have any of the above materials at hand or if you are away from home, another option is to use it. a dry eraser. Yes, an eraser. simply rub the stains with it your sneakers until they disappear

House cleaning tips: Tips for cleaning white sneakers and leaving them like new. INFORMATION

of course this cheat won’t work on heavily embedded stains or muddy shoesbut it’s a good resource for situations like this. rush won’t let you clean them properly.

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