The Eurovision commentator in Italy apologized to Chanel after her harsh words during the festival.

During the celebration of the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, The Italian commentator had some unpleasant words. channel. That same night, eurofans started circulating that moment. Christian Malgioglio, Responsible for the publication of the competition in Italy, The Spanish representative was referred to as a “cheap” version. Jennifer Lopez. Now, Malgioglio has apologized.

The commentator on RAI’s ‘La vita in diretta’ had to apologize after receiving multiple criticisms from Spanish Eurofans. “I wanted to say I was like a little Jennifer Lopez, it wasn’t a crime” He tried to justify himself.

“I’m sorry if my words hurt”, Malgioglio stated. The hosts blamed the criticism the singer received for her supposed “reputation” in Spain. She added that her comments were often “ironic” and that she felt Ukraine would win at rehearsals.

With a certain sarcasm, Magioglio stated that he was going to propose.Duet to Chanel to sing in Spain And what will I write for him? The title is already in my mind: it will be ‘Excuse me’ to belittle it.”

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