‘Black Mirror’ will have a sixth season on Netflix

soap opera’black mirror‘ will be its sixth season, available on Netflix, and its producers are working on the cast, as reported by special media Variety exclusively on Monday.

The news surprised the followers of this sci-fi production because creator Charlie Brooker two years ago “The world was already too dark” to make another season From ‘Black Mirror’.

According to the news of Variety, the Netflix platform, which owns the rights to the series, is working on the cast that will take part in the new episode of Black Mirror.

The cast of the fifth season consisted of: Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abul-Mateen II, Topher Grace and Miley Cirus.

According to this information, ‘Black Mirror’ sixth episode will have more episodes than the previous oneThere were only three episodes.

At this time, no further details are known about the release date and the themes that this episode will address, which will evolve into a more cinematographic look and style.

A bet that continues the trend of its producers—Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones bringing cinematic elements to the small screen in a format that tells independent dystopian stories lasting more than an hour.

series, which Put the spotlight on the dark side of technology and its impact on societyIt will return with public uncertainty as to whether it will make any reference to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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