TVE promotes ‘La Noche D’ with Chanel success: will broadcast a live program with representative

TVE plans to further expand Chanel’s huge audience at Eurovision. The public announced that it will be released this Tuesday. ‘La Noche D’ live special where will you be Spanish representativeArchitect of the best result for the country in 27 years.

The singer will participate in the program led by Eva Soriano accompanied by the perfect dance team (Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurin and María Perez) and with them they will see the “unseen” and “tell us firsthand what hasn’t been said about the competition”. .

Moreover, Palomo Spain, The designer of the suit that Chanel wore will also come to the venue to comment on the most daring looks at the gala. On your own behalf Chenoa with Tony Aguilar and Julia VarelaFestival commentators will examine the best performances of Eurovision 2022

To rise above flo will save the most commented moments on social networks and leon harlem He will test the lyrics of “SloMo”. It is an indication that Eurovision has re-emerged in Spain this year with a 50% share in the final.

Source: Informacion


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