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when confirmed Yolanda Diaz I was going to visit Seville at the Fair last April, the question that hung in the festive mood of those days was not what to do in the Andalusian capital. how do you dress. The first question has already been answered: Give your open support to the Por Andalucía coalition, which will compete in the next regional elections. What about the second answer? This could only be known when he took public action. And faith that does not disappoint. For this occasion, Yolanda opted for a fitted red polka dot dress with a flower on the side. On the feet, wedge espadrilles, comfortable “yet” high; A gold belt and earrings on the ears complemented what has been described in some cases as the politician’s “flamenco look,” but who has worn the same model twice before. And they discover that, as she herself admits, her “repetitions” are one aspect that doesn’t worry her at all…or that the clothes she chooses don’t have a high standing feature. Yolanda Díaz became fashionable Galician and without complexes, she takes pride in everything she does and lets her wear Galician fashion wherever she goes, as she confirmed in a statement to Yo Dona magazine:I almost always wear cheap stuff and Galician fashion. I went to an event recently in my Zara dress that cost me 30 euros. I take everything, I mix it up a lot. But I love fashion, yes.”

Of course, this direction was unknown until he stepped into state politics in Galicia. fashion To the promising leader of Esquerda Unida, who is the daughter of a history of unionism in which a rather timid character is perceptible, with a most proletarian image and the “progressive” seventies, guilty of attending public events out of fear of undue attention. with working class ideologies or, if you prefer, the girl in his song Pepe Domingo Castano, a true classic: “He’s wearing jeans and a shirt… illustrated.” However, he began to make waves in his first months as minister, and in some circles not exactly for the better. accused of imitating Queen Letizia and the overlap of clothes between the two was objectively a fact. However, at this point, it is also true that the questioned is imitating whom.

Beiras example

As we seek explanations without leaving the Galician political scene, perhaps we should look for that stage in which the conversations continued, where Yolanda Díaz maintained close contacts with the charismatic nationalist leader Xosé Manuel Beiras, which resulted in the formation of a successful left coalition (AGE). the model showed the way to that of the beginner Pablo Iglesias. Beiras had campaigned for the 1989 regional elections (the first election he won). Manuel Fraga Iribarne) has a dynamic look that surprises locals and foreigners alike due to the appropriate combination of their clothes, including the hat. A modern image that contrasts with what he was wearing as a typical professor at the Faculty until then, in his case of Economics, what he is and where he came from. Was Yolanda encouraged to follow the path Beiras was taking at the time? If so, it still took some time to put it into practice.

In joint appearance with Nadia Calviño.

The truth is, ever since Díaz took up the post of Minister of Labour. “informal look” with elegant and avant-garde clothing. While she doesn’t disdain any color, her favorites are usually red, white, and black. it is said that goes crazy for plaid jackets and it is increasingly common to see her models, which are no longer noticeable, placing her in the top ranks of the most elegant politicians in Spain, while also rising according to CIS polls. The top positions of the most valuable members of government.

He’s in the audience with Pope Francis (note the Kamala Harris influence in his white knotted scarf).

At this point, we must stand on the point of politics, because let’s not forget, We are faced with a politics of race and genetics, where the selection of a particular image is not, cannot be, cannot be motivated by mere chance. nor for her dedication to fashion: that she is attractive. Kamala HarrisThe American vice president goes far beyond the fact that the white knotted scarf is one of his most used accessories at public events. Pope Francisco.

Message, of course, is the key word in this whole thing too, and, item moreTo paraphrase McLuchan, we would still dare to say “the message is the tool” (or was it the other way around?). When he replaced Pablo Iglesias as vice president, Díaz has made it clear that he believes politics should be feminised., which seems to succeed with its image. And in this way fashion, his way of understanding fashion, became one of his tools, so much so that experts who think they can anticipate subtle ideological messages in his style are not lacking.

She goes to the podium for a corporate look.

journalist Patricia CentenoAmong others, the author of the book “Politics and fashion, the image of power” does not hesitate to place her among the women who represent power in the world today, the highest among women who represent power. jacinta ardern (New Zealand Prime Minister), sanna marin (Prime Minister of Finland), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known as an American political activist) and Camila Vallejo (Chilean Government Secretary-General), not all by chance, from the left. Leftist? Yes, from the left, but the truth is, as Centeno confirmed in an interview with El Periódico de Cataluña, in reality “it is the left that creates fashions. But there’s a time when they tell you no you have no right. You had no right under Sumptuary law to wear velvet, or red, or jewellery, and you believe that. And it’s as if they said that humble people have no rights to education, gastronomy or beauty, and you agree. Are we crazy? At the beginning of the 20th century, anarchists, hygienists advocated the right to dress well. The clothing distinction between the sexes begins in the eighteenth century. By wearing a bourgeois suit and tie, he diluted the class gap”. Additionally, what Patrycia Centeno loves about Yolanda Díaz is that she “accepts criticism for being ostentatious and fashion designerIt is very brave because it sees fashion as a sign of respect, a reinforcement of its message”.

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