Eurovision 2022: Why wasn’t Laura Pausini part of the voting?

Eurovision 2022 continues to offer something to talk about after the final in Turin (Italy) this Saturday. Chanel’s third-place finish with ‘SloMo’ gave TVE the fourth-best listener in music contest history, with a 50.8% share, making it the fourth-best since Chikilicuatre’s nomination in 2008. 59.3% share.

Special, Chanel’s performance between 21:59 and 22:02 reached 7,262,000 viewers.rose to 52.1%. Voting, meanwhile, further refined the data. This The score distribution, which brought together 7,942,000 viewers, increased to 61.3%.. The golden minute of the day was recorded at 00:57, when the final points were given and Spain was aware of a possible moment.

This vote It has always been an important moment of the Eurovision Song Contest. All eyes are on the servers and country representatives who are responsible for announcing the expected 12 points. However, when did all the alarms go off? Laura Pausino, one of the presenters of the competition this year, was absent in the first minutes of the voting. Mika and Alessandro Cattelan had to be alone for a moment without the Italian singer, as she explained on her Instagram profile. Disappear for 20 minutes due to voltage drop.

“You all have shown me so much love from all over the world, thank you! I wanted to calm down and say I’m fine.. During this final, my blood pressure dropped, so I had to stop for about twenty minutes on the advice of the doctors who helped me. And to whom I am very grateful. The last 6 months have been full of work and I have succumbed to stress…but I am happy to have closed the evening with my dear fellow travelers. Mika and Alessandro Cattelan“, The artist advocated putting everyone at ease.

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