When knives become hearts

The ‘SloMo’ melody along with thousands of photos of Chanel filled the social networks of Spanish media users as wallpaper this Saturday. “Chanelazo has come”, “Bravo Chanel” or “moral winner” were some of them. honor of the people Chanel Terrero at the end of the big eurovision final and in third place with 459 points, only 7 points behind British tiktoker Sam Ryder (466 points) and several points more than winner Ukraine (631 points).

But if we look back four months, The panorama around Chanel Terrero was very different. Spanish-Cuban victory Benidorm Festival provoked an authentic ethical-political war An unprecedented event that ended in a debate at the Congress of Deputies, where the accuracy of the contest result was questioned. Thousands of followers of the contest and sending other candidates more deserving of victory (Galician group Tanxugueiras swept the popular vote), describing Chanel’s victory as stupid, sent hateful messages and even direct threats to the artist.

Isn’t it the same artist with the same song and practically the same scene? What changed?


Last night, the tables changed radically. Many of the critical at the time remain silent, and others hopped on the success wagon on their honeymoon. Launched four months ago, the knives have garnered praise and thousands of heart-shaped ‘likes’. Maybe the same artist doesn’t have the same song and practically the same scene? Where is the change?

The millions of Spaniards who didn’t miss the Eurofestival date on Saturday night (an average of 6.8 million viewers rose to 7.9 at the time of voting) were able to enjoy a technically perfect performance with Chanel and her team dominating the stage. ballet (Exo Narco, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurin Y Maria Perez ) and a staging that is essentially the same as presented at Benidorm Fest, with some choreographic, vocal and interpretive innovations that enhance it. Even the ‘Made in Spain’ clichés revolving around the world of bullfighting, flamenco and fans personalized the numbers and spurred the performance’s success for the European public. Let’s remember that in 2004, Maria Isabel With a lot of ‘twelve points’ and a lot of flamenco scenes (including the fans), ‘Simple before the dead’ took the victory of Euro Junior.

A somewhat special context also marked the night: war. The armed conflict over Ukraine led to the victory of this country, which enjoyed great support in the people’s jury (to the solidarity vote we must add the votes of Ukrainian citizens who left their homes and left their homes due to force majeure). returned to their country).

Taking it out of the newspaper library, we can compare it to 1993, when the Balkan war ravaged Europe, and when Bosnia and Herzegovina made its debut at the festival. On this occasion, the Balkan state did not get a very good result. That was another time, and only a professional jury had the vote.

Given the war scenario and the possibility that Ukraine will not be able to hold the event next year, Maria Eizaguirre “We will be eager to host the next festival,” said (RTVE Corporation Director of Communications and Engagement). The fantasy of many would be Spain hosting the event 54 years after Madrid hosted after Massiel’s victory the previous year. But the President of Ukraine Zelensky He expressed his wish for the devastated city of Mariupol to host Eurovision 2023 as a symbol of peace.

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