Eurovision 2022: Analysis of the 5 favorites of the final

If at the beginning of the week the bets gave the Ukrainian song a 48% chance of victory, now they are climbing up to 60%. Although ‘Stefania’ (the theme that singer Oleh Psiuk dedicates to her mother) is already on her, emotional factors help her. among the previous five favorites Russia assumed occupation of Ukraine. The song, which blends vocal harmonies and traditional flutes with electronic ‘vits’, appeals to melancholy mixed with sultry rap. The Kalush Orchestra will defend him with the lack of rehearsals in his home country, as its members are involved in volunteer work (one of them decided to stay in Ukraine).

United Kingdom. ‘Alien’ by Sam Ryder

In this ‘tik tokcu‘ The hopes of the British, who gained a certain popularity by sharing their versions of the hits during their jail days, for their country, the cradle of pop culture, to finally regain its place in the festival ( seven years left in the last five Classified with a bleeding ‘zero score’ in 2021). A theme with a beautiful melody, falsetto vocal boasts and a dreamy message, ‘Spaceman’ describes how Ryder would see life if he were an astronaut, intrigued by black holes but ultimately missing Earth. Her admiration for David Bowie is implied. Bookmakers give you a 10% chance to win.

Sweden. ‘Hold Me Closer’, Cornelia Jakobs

A slightly scratchy and characterful voiceafter the young Bonnie Tyler, a emotional, dynamic pop number with electronic and emotional ‘crescendo’. Cornelia Jakobs, the daughter of singer Jakob Samuel (The Poodles, who qualified twice for Eurovision in 2006 and 2008) and former member of the Stockholm Syndrome girl group (originally Love Generation), sing together. she presents this farewell song she complains about.every good thing has an end”. As in the English song ‘Hold me closer’ in ‘abetódromo’ 10% chance of success.

Italy. ‘Brividi’, Mahmood and Blanco

The host nation returns to its language, seeing last year’s success with Måneskin, but goes to musical contrasts: heartfelt ballad with a gradual rush of film and dialogue between the two voices on the contrary, a bet 6% hit chance. ‘Brividi’ means ‘tremble’, an effect that both singers associate with their fleeting night of passion, a resentment in the background: “you, with your viper eyes/biting my skin/and you, an angel”. Singer with a nasal voice like Eros Ramazzotti It’s even an opportunity for Mahmood for his honorable second place at Eurovision 19 with ‘Soldi’.

Spain. ‘SloMo’ by Chanel

Spain is another one of the headlines of the ‘big five’ clubs that have gone from bad to worse for some time (it hasn’t left another clan of the next five since 2016), a tragic streak of Chanel Terrero, a Havana native who grew up in Olesa de Montserrat may well vary depending on the bets’ predictions (4% chance to win). ‘SloMo’ is a cheeky move in favor of that tropical latinidad this translates to global pop, all the rhythm, phonetic hooks and chorus that hits in a loop. In her flawless ‘Spanglish’ lyrics, Chanel asks us to videotape it and play it in ‘slow motion’ to confirm she’s “ready to break hips”, break hearts”.

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