“Avoid shadows from the ’90s and zero.” How do you update your look for summer?

columnist confectionery Jessica Harrington claims that one of the main beauty trends this summer will be blonde. But it’s not just blonde, it’s “Pamela Anderson’s blonde.” According to her, the trend began to gain momentum after the release of the series “Pam and Tommy”, when, after Pamela Anderson, such famous brunettes as Kim Kardashian, Billy Eilish and Dua Lipa turned into “full blonde”. A distinctive feature of this color is its pure tone.

“This bright platinum blonde is achieved by bleaching, but after that the hair is not dyed,” celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith explains to the Popsugar columnist.

At the same time, the British fashion She writes that this summer the focus will be on spicy copper and dark chocolate tones. “Customers usually prefer copper and dark chocolate in the fall and winter, but this year the demand for these colors has increased in the spring,” colorist Sally Northwood said in a post. He adds that the Hailey Bieber-like coloring, which colorists call “dear brunette” among themselves, is very popular with customers.

Russian hair stylists advise not to follow Western trends and focus on celebrities. “The desire to update your image for the summer and dye your hair in a trendy color can play a cruel joke on you,” warns Ivan Ivanov, founder of SDUSHOI salon and creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. Semyon Malikov, the artistic director of Color Town studio, agrees with this view. According to him, coloring “like the stars” is often very complex and requires careful and expensive care. In an interview with hair stylists socialbites.ca, she talked about which colors should be tried this summer and which trends should be abandoned.

NO: full blonde

Semyon Malikov does not recommend following the trend, despite the fact that a monochrome blond from the roots to the ends (the same “Pamela Anderson blond”) is the leader on the catwalks and in social networks. In her opinion, such coloring is impractical and requires very complex care – especially in the summer, when the sun dries already damaged hair.

“Blondes have to come to the salon every three weeks and dye their roots. It is no longer fashionable to waste time on this. It’s not important to look like you’re paying too much attention to appearances anymore, and this coloring speaks for itself,” she explains.

YES: shatush, balayage, air touch

Instead, Ivan Ivanov advises blondes to pay attention to more natural blonde tones. In her opinion, such coloring does not harm the hair much and does not require frequent visits to the salon.

“We are committed to naturalness in blondes. It’s interesting that ombre is in trend right now, because blemishes like balayage and stretch marks are slowly growing and turning 10-15 centimeters down from the roots into ombre – that’s how you can walk and you should! he is sure.

Semyon Malikov adds that darker warm shades – beige, gold and caramel – will be no less relevant this summer. “All shades are definitely on trend, from yellow to copper,” says the stylist.

For brunettes, stylists are advised to pay attention to the classic cold tones – from light brown to rich dark ones.

NO: warm undertone

Ivan Ivanov warns against coloring with a warm undertone. According to him, in the sun the color can become uneven and turn red-orange.

“After one and a half to two months after dyeing, the warm shade will begin to wash out and a red undertone will appear. You’ll either have to tint with an ammonia-free dye or use a pigmented shampoo that neutralizes redness,” she says.

YES: rich color and highlights

As an alternative to warm tones, Semyon Malikov presents classic dark colors with a cold tone. “The dark, saturated monotone color is back, we see it often at celebrities and shows,” she says.

Ivan Ivanov adds that another trend for 2022 is a combination of a dark, cold shade and an unusual haircut. “First the mullet returned, then it began to develop: elongated, shorter regions appeared. For example, Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut is mentioned in the movie Don’t Look Up,” she explains.

But “rebel” coloring in bright red tones, according to Semyon Malikov, is no longer relevant in 2022.

NO: red and pink colors

“It’s definitely not in fashion – red tones. The redness is definitely not worth adding, but if you really want color you can stop at copper,” she advises.

YES: pastel colors

Ivan Ivanov adds that bright pink, raspberry and fuchsia are replaced by more delicate shades of dusty blue pink and other pastel colors. According to him, such coloring is now more relevant than ever.

“Pink has entered our lives so much that it is no longer a kind of over-coloring. But pastels! The main thing is to avoid the reddish-burgundy shades of the 90s and zeros,” says the stylist.

Hairstylists warn you: The desire to update your look for summer and dye your hair a trendy color can play a trick on you. What colors will be the most fashionable this summer, and which colors are better not to experiment – in the material of socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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