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Fantastic action RPG gameplay released with double battles where you can control two heroines at the same time


Publisher Modus Games has published a gameplay video of the fantastic Action/RPG Soulstice with a dual battle system, meaning you control two characters at the same time. The video showed the features of the combat system.

“The balance in the Holy Kingdom of Caedas was disturbed when wild, powerful beings called ghosts came from behind the veil, intent on devouring all living things. Ghosts change their victims and can even invade their bodies, turning the unlucky ones into restless monsters that prey on civilians. Only “chimeras” can protect humanity: hybrid warriors born of the union of two souls.says the description.

The main characters are sisters Briard and Lut, who have become a chimera and possess unique abilities. While one sister has inhuman strength, the other can use mystical abilities. The voice acting is done by Stefanie Joosten, who participated in the work on Metal Gear Solid 5.

Among the features, developers emphasize formidable bosses, customizable skills and weapons, puzzles and secrets, a gloomy environment, as well as hardcore battles with enemies of different classes.

Soulstice is slated to release in Fall 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: VG Times



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