Named a popular mistake made when washing clothes in the machine

The cleaning expert listed the biggest mistake many housewives make while doing laundry as follows. This has been reported To express.

Blogger Stephanie Booth says using Epsom salts while doing laundry is wrong. According to one cleaning expert, many housewives needlessly add a mix of Epsom salts and essential oils to the drum of their washing machine – this popular trick helps keep clothes smelling good while making the washing process less efficient. “I totally understand how tempting this life hack is, but believe me, it’s doing more harm than good. The composition of such mixtures is questionable, not to mention they leave marks on clothes, ”she explained.

“By adding Epsom salts, you weaken the effectiveness of your laundry detergents,” added Stephanie Booth. He stressed that magnesium-rich Epsom salts are known to help harden water. This stifles the effectiveness of detergents and adversely affects clothes.

Former Cleaning Specialist announcedWhy add soda and vinegar to the laundry during washing.

Source: Gazeta


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