Stylist Osmanova told which bangs will suit owners of a round face

Three win-win options for bangs for chubby girls with were shared by the star stylist, author of the Skillbox course “Hair Stylist” Mariam Osmanova.

According to Mariam Osmanova, a bang veil is ideal for owners of a round face. “It corrects the shape of the face and makes it narrower, distracting attention from the wide cheekbones,” the hairstylist said. It is noted that curtain bangs are especially good for those who do not want to radically experiment with the image, because they do not radically change the look, but only refresh the image and add zest to it.

To visually correct the oval of the face, according to the specialist, torn bangs will also help. “Pleated bangs give the face an elongated oval shape due to its outlines. For owners of a round face, an option in which the length of the strands increases as they move away from the center of the head is suitable, ”said the author.

Chubby lovers of indirect parting, according to the hair stylist, should take a closer look at the oblique bangs. “Beginning exactly from its location, oblique bangs are cut. Important – owners of a round face should choose extension options. “Asymmetry will distract attention from the lower part of the face and make it visually narrower.”

Osmanova added that any explosion needs to be shaped. To do this, you need brushing (round comb – approx. “”) with a diameter of 40-45 mm., A thermal protective agent suitable for the type of hair and styling. “For thin ones, sealing sprays and volumetric light fixing products are suitable. For thick hair, on the contrary, products with medium or strong fixation are suitable, ”addressed Mariam Osmanova.

former stylist said Gazete.Ru, how do you choose the black dress that best suits your body type?

Source: Gazeta


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