Yana Rudkovskaya sells branded items from her wardrobe for millions of rubles

Music producer Yana Rudkovskaya sells her wardrobe for millions of rubles. This was reported by the Telegram channel. pink birkin.

47-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya decided to sell some branded items from her wardrobe in the Oskelly online store. So, the wife of figure skater Evgeni Plushenko put on sale a red Olympic shirt from the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection, estimating its cost at 2.7 million rubles. The editors of the Tatler Heroine Telegram channel, emphasizing the exclusivity of the party on display, said: “How everyone fought for these things, how they stretched all ties, how they “searched for Paris” in order to achieve at least something.

Journalists also noted that the music producer is trying to sell used products at a higher price than their original cost: “Yana clearly decided to count all her efforts and turn them into money. “The hero studied offers from Yana on the resale platform. He seems to think that things only become more expensive after you wear them.”

Formerly socialbites.ca reported He said Timati boasted a Hermès crocodile bag for €242,000.

Source: Gazeta


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