Turin round trip: this is what the Eurovision trip costs

The Eurovision Song Contest started on Tuesday, 10 May in Turin, and that ended the contest. Saturday with the grand finale. cottage rental company Belville calculate how much it might cost a weekend trip to attend the final gala. To calculate the final price, transportation, accommodation, tickets, excursions and meals weekend in Turin.

This is what it costs for a weekend to attend the finale premiere

As Spain is among the favorites in Festival bets with its song ‘Slomo’ by the Catalan artist channel, and after a tight selection process there is great anticipation to know what will happen in the finale. Those who want to attend Saturday’s event will have to pay an average of 1,131 euros, but tickets are already available on the usual channels with prices reaching 1,760 euros. For attend the festival, it is more profitable to travel by plane: total 264 euros The cost of traveling from Madrid to Turin is 99 euros (363 euros) less than by train. Fans can pay another ten euros to get around the city, the price of a ticket that can be used on all public transport in the city and is valid for 72 hours.

The fact that the final is in Turin that weekend is also reflected in the accommodation prices: On average, visitors will have to pay 1,074 Euros for 2 nights. If there is still some time before the final at 21:00 or the next morning, fans can explore the city of Turin. On average, the entrance fee to the 20 most popular attractions in the Italian city is about 6.85 euros, and seven attractions can be visited for free.

Turin has a lot to offer not only for the traveler, but also for the palate. The average price of six meals is around 91.60 Euros. (including food and drink). Prices range from three euros to 38 euros for a marinara pizza; That’s the amount some chefs charge for a traditional Orecchia Di Elefante, a typical dish of breaded chops and vegetables. There are also a total of 30 LGBTQI+ restaurants and bars in Turin.

In general, the fans For 2,577 euros they can enjoy the festival and the city. to 2,676 euros if they travel by plane or by train.

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