They are the architects of the Chanel phenomenon for Eurovision 2022.

After years of mediocre results, Spain has next May 14 option to conquer Eurovision. Chanel’s catchy ‘SloMo’ goes fifth on the bet and Spanish Eurofans have been dreaming of conquering a crown that resisted us in no less than 1969, when Salomé’s ‘Vivo cantando’ shared first place in a historic multi-tie at the festival with the Netherlands, the UK and France. . If TVE finally rings the bell and triumphs, we have to thank not only the professionalism of the singer and dancer, but also the artist. the architects behind the phenomenon Chanel

Eve Mora

Eva Mora’s landing at Eurovision in the middle of last year as the new head of the Spanish delegation, blowing fresh air to a team that has been criticized for some time for its poor results. A journalist for TVE’s Information Services, Mora came in with the goal of reinvigorating Spain’s commitment to a festival that has always had good audience ratings, but couldn’t find the right artist or song to compete in the competition for a long time. And that TVE hasn’t stopped testing formulas like direct election and nomination contest. This year we chose to create Benidorm FestivalA competition modeled after Sanremo’s veteran festivalIt’s the exit of Italian artists who competed in Eurovision and took the cat to the water with Maneskin’s rock victory in 2021. Mora’s team contacted record labels, singers and songwriters, decided to set up a demographic jury, and emphasis on international experts To promote Benidorm Fest. Despite the notorious controversy regarding the votes, the contest was a complete success.

Kyle Hanagami

The elaborate choreography of ‘SloMo’ was undoubtedly one of the tricks that led him to victory at Benidorm Fest. Chanel’s almost undone moves in the purest Beyoncé style broke the public’s jaws when they saw the ‘show’ accompanied by dancers Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurín and María Pérez. . The person responsible for these steps was the American choreographer Kyle Hanagami, whom Chanel repeated at Eurovision. It is one of the biggest current references in the dance world. Collaborated with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and South Korean stars BTS and who designed the choreography for the Netflix animated movie ‘Beyond the Moon’, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2021. we expect to see the same thing, no. something will be different“Mora has moved on with the ‘show’. At Benidorm Fest, Chanel and her dancers highlight the slow motion movements of certain moments of the ‘show’ with lighting by Rob Sinclar, who has worked with similar artists. Kyle Minogue.

Leroy Sanchez

The song, which is in principle the most important thing, adheres to some basic rules set by the festival: It should not be against the reputation of the event, and should not contain political or advertising slogans. Likewise, they are not allowed to be instrumental, only vocals. And ‘SloMo’ fulfills all that, but voices wanting to overthrow it after winning Benidorm Fest, excessive sexualization of the letter as Did not meet percentage of Spanish words. The complaint even reached Congress! But overcoming turbulence, the composition flew to Turin. Safe and solid and whole. How a successful multicultural team gave birth to him: Spanish composer Leroy Sanchez (author of ‘Voy a querme’ for which Blas Cantó competed last year), Brazilian singer Ibere ​​Fortes, Canadian artist Maggue Szabo, British composer and producer Keith Harris and Dutch ‘dj’ Arjen Thonen. ‘SloMo’ Sounds a lot Jennifer Lopez, not in vain was intended for the diva. But when the songwriters met Chanel, they knew the song was made for her.

Art director and illuminator

When you detail the entire proposal in millimeters, it won’t work if the later realization doesn’t go according to what was designed, choreographed, and rehearsed. Therefore, as every year and in all countries, it will be RTVE who will be responsible for guiding RAI so that everything goes as planned. The Spanish delegation in Turin therefore includes an art director and lighting designer from RTVE to instruct their Italian colleagues on what they need to make the show shine in all its glory. “Execution is the responsibility of the host country, in which case the Italians work together only in rehearsals.and they’re talking to the filmmakers of each country and they’re adapting to what they want, because it’s a competition and everybody wants to win it,” explains Carlos Garrido, Press Manager for RTVE. Shows this size have too much lighting, plus too much action, making them their best Shots and reverse shots that will capture the same way are what we want to deal with in detail.

Alexander G Palomo

Styling is a fundamental part of the proposal to be made at Eurovision and in the case of Chanel. a few centimeters of fabricresponds to a very careful design. To be amazing and lots of ‘brilli brilli’but it also allows the young woman to perfectly perform the acrobatics she performs on stage.

For the semi-final of Benidorm Fest, the business card of Chanel’s proposal, an ‘outfit’ of Dua Lipa or Eleni Fureira (Cyprus representative in 2018, unfortunately compared to her), was composed. a black short jacket decorated with goyesca-inspired rhinestoneslike a bullfighter’s illuminated suit and a shiny jumpsuit with pleated sheer openings. The designer was Carmen Farala, winner of the first edition of ‘Drag Race Spain’. It was Carmen Farala who saw the singer make it to the finals, thought she couldn’t repeat it, and created and sewed the gorgeous jumpsuit in less than 24 hours. what did she wear

However, the person in charge of the wardrobe for the big day is Alejandro Gómez Palomo, whose designer (and jury member of TVE space ‘Sewing Masters’) dressed it in a set that he recognized and reinterpreted by his firm Palomo Spain. most codes of bullfighting, flamenco, religious iconography and Andalusian traditionsSquare neck and neck collar, made of lycra and tulle, with openings in the form of “zajones” as Palomo puts it. He’ll be wearing a short jacket with very prominent shoulder pads and silver studs with an ‘old’ vibe. Embroidery is made with white and red Swarovski crystals. No less than 50,000 hand-stitched like everything else. And while it may not seem like it, Chanel says it’s super comfortable.

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