Crown Princess Mary of Denmark entered the race 19:25

The Danish city of Nyborg hosted the Royal One Mile Run (1.6 km), in which the entire family of Crown Prince Frederik, including his wife, Crown Princess Mary, participated. It has been reported daily mail.

Their children ran the distance with their parents – seventeen-year-old Prince Christian, sixteen-year-old Princess Isabella and twelve-year-old Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

At the end of the race, a bouquet of flowers was presented to Crown Princess Mary. He also shook hands with other participants at the sporting event.

The Royal Run in Denmark was first held in 2018 to celebrate Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday. However, the event was so well received by the public that it became an annual event, and thus the one-mile race has been held for the fifth year in a row. In Denmark, too, royal marathons of 5 and 10 km are held, which affect five cities in the country.

Previously reportedCrown Princess Mary of Denmark will visit her hometown of Australia for the first time in 10 years.

Source: Gazeta


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