A nutritionist tells which vitamins to drink before important exams 15:52

Getting omega-3s, coenzyme Q10, and adding foods rich in B vitamins and magnesium to your diet will help stimulate your brain and prevent you from going crazy with exam anxiety. Clinical nutritionist Anna Gosudareva, head of the medical commission of the iTAB special vitamin market, told socialbites.ca about this.

“Supplements that will help the brain work to the maximum, remember information better, and at the same time not “run out” – this is Omega-3. It helps to cope with overstimulation and nervous tension. And coenzyme Q10 provides energy to our cellular power plants – mitochondria, which improves cognitive functions ” he explained.

According to the expert, a bath cure containing magnesium salt will help to get rid of nervous tension.

“High magnesium sulfate baths relax the body, remove toxins and promote healthy sleep. And it would cost at least 7-8 hours a day to sleep before important exams,” he said.

Anna Gosudareva advised those who cannot sleep due to anxiety about upcoming exams to include foods high in magnesium or supplements containing B vitamins in their diet.

“B vitamins support the health of the nervous system, and magnesium has a positive effect on sleep quality,” he explained.

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Source: Gazeta


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