Tina Kandelaki’s son will star in the Russian version of the Turkish series 14:50.

Tina Kandelaki’s son, Leo, will play one of the characters in the Russian version of the popular Turkish TV series “Knock My Door”. It has been reported star shot.

According to the publication, 22-year-old Leo Kandelaki was acting in general and was not particularly confident in success. The young man noted that he was very worried during the casting, since filming in the series was his debut.

“Director Vsevolod Aravin is a true master of his craft. He was able to communicate to me quickly enough what needed to be displayed in the frame. Of course, when I left Mosfilm, I was sure that no one would offer me a role. As you can see, it turned out completely different. I would like to express my gratitude to the team once again for choosing it in my favor. I will work, ”said the words of Star Hit Leo.

Leo Kandelaki is a professional musician and has been collaborating with various studios for many years. Also, the son of Tina Kandelaki recorded various soundtracks for Russian shows and serials.

“At some point, fate brought me to the site. I feel natural in this environment. To be honest, I did not expect to experience such feelings for the first time on the set, ”Leo shared his impressions.

Previously reportedThe names of the actresses of the roles in the Russian version of “Knock My Door” became known.

Source: Gazeta


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