Chenoa: “I have a pretty misunderstood mood”

‘La noche D’ arrived in prime time last week Hosted by 1. Eva Soriano on TVE on Tuesdays and warming the engines for Eurovision tonight will feature guests such as Laura Pausini, Massiel, Azúcar Moreno, Daniel Diges, Rosa López, Soraya Arnelas and David Fernández. We spoke at YOTELE Chenoaone of the collaborators of the venue who told us about his expectations about the weekly late night.

What attracted you in this project, which is said to have seen your role more than Show Woman?

I compose this part, which is a little something inside the program, where the music is a part of the program that I find entertaining and not so serious. It’s a way to get people to come home tired and see something funny after all these years and everything that’s been stolen from us. Music always motivates you to get serotonin and sleep in a different way. This is my contribution to ‘La noche D’ and it is as they are responsible for humor here and I have worked with them and learned a lot.

After all, you agree with the general humor of the program…

I’m funny in my own way I have a rather misunderstood humor. Sorry, I don’t have a filter. The more scripts they write you, the contrary in my case because I don’t know how to carry it.

What exactly do you do in your department?

Well, I’m going to sing to breathe some life and play a lot with the guests who come to have fun. I’ll take them off the roll and play to guess songs. I will act not only as the presenter of my episode, but also as an actor.

Will you combine this program with ‘I hear your face’?

I never separated myself from the project. Nothing has happened since I spoke through our chat with the jury and we miss each other terribly.

A beautiful and much talked-about television couple of Eva Soriano and Chenoa has appeared, how do you see it?

Certainly! Something very striking happened, I noticed on social networks and asked myself, “But what happened?” I asked. Everyone was in this tandem. I contacted him very quickly. They are people who mess with you but also suit you. Everything happened so fast. I think we met in other lives and from then on it was like people wanted us to be together on some projects. The good thing when you’re on a construction site is getting along.. In this case, I’m lucky with Eva.

Did Eva Soriano make your job easier and not feel uncomfortable?

I’m usually not bothered at work because I’m usually more curious. I notice discomfort a lot, not when they give me complete freedom, but when I see myself as prejudiced. Prejudice bothers me so much that people think they know how I am for years, but they don’t. People don’t even give me the opportunity to meet me.. For a sentence, for situations, or for a particular scene, the purpose of grinding is a backpack, having been in the business for 20 years…

Do you think people thought you were a little serious, borderline…?

The breakpoint came at a time when I was perhaps too strong for what is still street styled. That class was none of my business. Actually, I think it comes from an unprepared society. I didn’t do anything wrong or hurt anyone. I’m a worker, the way I existquite thrown forward and life situations allow you to be in many ways.

Do you think there is more room on television now for powerful people with a different personality than others?

I guess we fought between all of us and everyone. I know great guys who want to be on the same level when it comes to jokes, jokes… You have to make a pineapple. Television is becoming more flexible and we are loosening up, moving towards something neutral. Regardless of your height, weight, sexuality… We are in 2022.

Do you have more projects now?

When I’m on a project, I focus a lot on what I’m doing. My intention is to do my best. Be careful, I’ll be very critical too. I go into the project and see if I’m adapting from the outside. Over the years, I’ve had that critique veteran. So far I haven’t stopped and I have a part of me that needs oxygenation.

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